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Are dietary supplements safe?

Supplements can contain minerals, vitamins, or other natural biological substances, and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes as concentrates, extracts, capsules, tablets, liquids, and powders. Keep in mind that herbs and vitamins do not need to be tested for safety. Self-regulation by the manufacturer is not required, ...
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naturalne suplementy

When and why is it worth using dietary supplements?

Whether multivitamins and other dietary supplements are essential for the general population is a source of ongoing debate. Supplements are still recommended for some groups - for example, for pregnant women who should take folic acid to reduce the risk of nervous system defects, or for children, especially in developing ...
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jak stosować suplementację

How to use supplementation correctly so that it is safe and has optimal effect on the body?

Even the best diet rich in all nutrients is not enough to provide the body with all vitamins and microelements. And yet they are responsible for the fullness of our health and well-being. In addition, many factors affect the digestive process, including the emotional state, quality of food, the way ...
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Natural dietary supplements – what are they really?

Dietary supplements can be beneficial to your health at any age, but they can also cause unwanted side effects, so you need to think carefully about when and what doses to use. Among the supplements, it is best to choose natural ones, i.e. those consisting of herbs, microelements and vitamins. ...
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naturalna suplementacja

Ativia Garden – what is smart supplementation?

In today's world, immunity is becoming a key element of our health. An organism well prepared to fight viruses is one in which the most important nutrients, vitamins and minerals are present. You do not have to spend many hours in the gym or treadmill, follow a restrictive diet and ...
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